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  •  A Perfect Day to Die, Guernica Editions, (Hamilton, 2022).

  • Double Exile, a novel, Red Giant Books (Cleveland, 2014).

  • 『英語の雑談力があがるちょっとしたフレーズ』幻冬舎、2014

Short stories
    • "The Tree of Hope" in Women"s Issues Vol 2: Women Power by International Human Rights Art Festival, NY.                                                                                                     

    • "What the Ant Said" in LooseLeaf, Canada, 2018.

    • "April Fool's Day" in CommuterLit; Canada, 2018.
    • "The Summer with No Mosquitoes" in Great Lakes Review, both in print and online; USA, 2018.
    • "The Comedian" in the February 2018 issue of Flash Fiction Online, USA.

    • "St. Clair West, 2:00 a.m." in Untethered issue 2.2; Canada, 2016.

    • "Gustafson and the Chinese" in The Great Lakes Review spring 2013 issue. 
    • "A Perfect Day to Die" in The Great Lakes Review fall 2012 issue.
    • "The Summer with No Mosquitoes" in Great Lakes Review summer 2018 issue.